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Learn How You Can Do A Blackberry Repair By Yourself

Mostly people think that they cannot repair their own gadgets. If you are a blackberry user and you are fully aware with all of its components and parts then you can easily do a blackberry repair by yourself. You just need some mechanical and technical skills and a sharp mind to learn then you cannot only repair blackberry but you can also make money from this. Let suppose, your blackberry fell into a water bucket and the lens got scratched, what will you do? Here are some useful techniques to get off these scratches from the BlackBerry.

First step to do blackberry repair you need a tool kit included a Torx 5 screwdriver, some prying tools, miniature screwdrivers, and a clean cloth or rubber mat. Always keep in mind once you open it you cannot claim its warranty because when any other person except manufactures will open it, its warranty will automatically become void.

Remember, clean and dry the surface and your tools before starting disassembly process. First of all remove microSD card, SIM, battery, and battery cover. It is better to immediately remove your battery when your cell phone fell into a water bucket because it might be possible that your cell phone becomes dead and then it is useless for you.

Then remove its screw with your Torex screw driver. If it is necessary, use tweezers because you don't want to turn over the BlackBerry if it is necessary. Always use appropriate screw driver because the screws of a cell phone are very sensitive and if you try to open it with any other thing it will become useless for your phone.

Always make sure that there are no screws remaining in the front case after turning the BlackBerry over. After removing the plastic frame of you blackberry you can see the actual board of your blackberry.

Now it is time for some shopping and cleaning. Get online and search for its different parts get them and replace these parts such as trackball, speaker, mic and other different parts. There is a silver ring that grips the trackball in its place, carefully remove it and clean the trackball with a dry cloth. There is a silver ring that holds the trackball in place that you must remove carefully. Also clean that place where the sensors are located. But it requires lot of care and patience because if you don’t carefully clean there is a possibility of your sensor got damaged. Be particularly careful not to damage the sensors. Then put the trackball back into the housing and replace the silver ring.

If you will find hard scratches on the lens then it is better to buy a new lens but if there are minor scratches then there is an option available to clean it. You will only need a display polish which is specially designed to polish cell phone lenses that works well.

With a clean cloth and display polish slightly rub the lens of your blackberry until the lens is clear. If there are deeper scratches repeat the process. Through this way you can easily do a blackberry repair by yourself.

But if there is a big damage then it is better to consult with a special Blackberry repair service for better assistance.


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